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CZ-P10c (IWB)

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This is a rugged Inside the Waistband (IWB) style holster produced and designed for use by the most demanding Military, Law Enforcement, or Civilian end user. 

Key Features -

  • Compatible with Suppressor Height Sights, RMR, Threaded Barrel, and PL-Mini Light

  • Constructed of the highest quality materials available

  • Excellent retention, positive, and secure! 

  • Excellent Fit & Finish (Edges are polished / wet sanded !)

  • Rugged and comfortable

  • All holsters are available in your choice of Black, Carbon Fiber, or any other color, just let us know what you need........ (please note: additional charge for Trademarked colors / patterns.

  • Available for left or right handed shooters

 Be confident and put a Darwin Defense holster on your side!!

Darwin Defense is an avid supporter of the Second amendment and supports organizations that further our cause.